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Fly In For Surgery

Here at Pamela Lipkin MD, we cater to a global clientele, many of whom come here because she has set the standard for best practices in plastic surgery not only in NYC, but also here in the United States as well as for the international arena. For those of you not living in the nearby areas, the “Fly In For Surgery” program would work best for you:

First, you would be scheduled for a pre-surgery consultation. Optimally, this would be a face-to-faceconsultation, but should your schedule not allow for one, you would have the option of a virtual consultation.

For virtual consultations, you would have to complete the necessary forms and then email close-up photographs in a j-peg format for evaluation. These photographs should be sharp, clear, and in color.

If at all possible, we highly recommend an in-person consultation, in order for you to meet Dr. Lipkin, discuss your goals with her, ask and receive answers to your questions, see the facility and learn all you need to know about the procedure.

This pre-surgery consultation is to first evaluate if you are a good candidate for the surgery and whether it will be the best option for you. From there, Dr. Lipkin will discuss what will be done during the surgery, the best method to be used, the outcome of the surgery, and what to anticipate. She will also advise you about the recovery and post-surgery maintenance. If you are flying in for the surgery, you will need to stay a minimum of seven to ten days in NYC for follow- up and supervision.

After the consultation you will select a surgery date from Dr. Lipkin’s surgical calendar, which will be secured through a non-refundable deposit. Please keep in mind that you will need time after the surgery to recover and get back to your normal life.

During the pre-operative visit, you will be given a physical examination as well as pre- and post-op instructions. You will then sign the consent forms. This visit usually takes about two hours.

The day of the surgery, you should arrive rested and confident, knowing that you are in the hands of an expert.

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