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NYC…While the age-old facelift has been the mainstay of cosmetic surgeons, it takes the discerning and skillful eye of Dr. Pam Lipkin to take the procedure to the next level. Before: Dr. Lipkin evaluates those subtle changes to the entire body that aging inevitably causes: the loss of translucency, the thinning hair, the shorter eyelashes that insidiously reveal the underlying age that surgery is expected to conceal.  It is only when the entire patient is examined in totality that a procedure can be performed most effectively, incorporating not only the surgery itself, but also a custom maintenance program that replenishes these common youth indicators that are all-too-often ignored in the pre and post surgery analyses.

During: In her Manhattan practice, Dr. Lipkin’s natural surgery is celebrated among the astute for creating anunderstated change that encompasses the whole image of her clients.  A perfect example of her technique is her Sequential Facelift, which is renowned for its success at hiding telltale scars and hairline distortions.

After: The surgery is further enhanced by strategically placed stem cell infused fat injections to give back what age took away: the plump dewy skin that is the essence of youth.  Here again, however, Dr. Lipkin’s expertise in subtlety reigns supreme for she cautions, “Don’t go overboard or you will end up with the puffiness that resembles steroid usage!” She then reexamines the finished look and offers a practical maintenance regimen of diet, exercise and her soon-to-be launched line of proprietary age-reversal products. It is this exacting attention to detail along with her keen mind and delicate touch that effectively captures the elusive youth we all seek.

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