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Pamela Lipkin  MD

Dr. Lipkin has been featured in magazines such as Allure, Vogue, Self, Marie Claire, W, People, Avenue, and Woman’s Day.

ALLURE, “Designing Women”: By the time the ski-slope victim found Lipkin, she had already undergone revisions done by two other doctors who she says never understood that she wanted something close to her original nose…”It was like she [Lipkin] understood everything I’d been saying that no one else could see…” And when the bandages were taken off, she says, “I was thrilled. I finally looked like a member of my own family.”

VOGUE, “Surgery Before 30”: The first person I spoke with was Pamela Lipkin MD, a NYC based facial plastic surgeon…who proceeded to describe the options for young people seeking to mitigate the earliest signs of aging including liposuction of what might be called a pre-jowl…and the de-puffing of puffy eyelids…

MARIE CLAIRE, “Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous”:  “Celebrities are particularly susceptible to plastic surgery addiction, says Dr. Pam Lipkin, a plastic surgeon with practices in New York and LA…”When you have plastic surgery and it goes well, there is a tremendous psychological reassurance.”

AVENUE, “The Body”: Dr. Lipkin is world-renowned for her work on the nose. She is known for a slender aquiline look, even after a previous doctor’s botched first attempt.

W MAGAZINE: “The Comeback Cream”:   “People who love Retin-A will use it forever, says Pamela Lipkin MD, a New York based plastic surgeon.  It’s that type of drug.”

SELF MAGAZINE, “Is This the Face For You?”:  “Patients achieve better, long-lasting results when they do procedures at the beginning of the aging process, while the skin has considerable elasticity,”, says Pamela Lipkin, MD, PE, a facial plastic surgeon from New York City

AVENUE, “The Miracle Worker”: New York plastic surgeon Dr. Pamela Lipkin doesn’t do what they call body work. She confines herself into improving faces and necks, which she has done on fashion models, actors, and society ladies – you would recognize some of these faces, but her lips are sealed…In the course of this…she has become the Queen of Revisions. She knows she’s good, but only recently has she begun to realize how good.  And this may be because she has corrected so many flaws left in so many faces by so many highly regarded surgeons.

DERMASCOPE, “Pamela Lipkin MD”: Dr. Lipkin’s fragile blonde good looks mask a fierce intelligence and the guts of a tightrope walker…She’s probably the most brilliant surgeon in the business.

YOUR HEALTH, “Mirror Mirror”: “The patients who are happiest after cosmetic surgery are happy before cosmetic surgery, “ says Pamela Lipkin MD, a New York City physician who sculpts the noses of Manhattan’s rich and famous…

WOMAN’S DAY: “From the pictures she’s seen, Dr. Lipkin, who specializes in nose revisions, believes Jackson’s are contracting around the silicone implant put in the bridge of his nose…” View Article

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