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Revisionist Surgery is the term used to describe cosmetic surgery that is performed when prior surgery needs to be corrected.

Revision is a complex art, demanding a high level of experience and comprehensive skills.

Called the “Queen of Revisions” by her loyal clients, Dr. Pamela Lipkin has successfully corrected a myriad of flaws since first opening her practice in 1984. 

Renowned for her “magic hands,” Dr. Lipkin performs nothing short of miraculous revisions on noses (her specialty is rhinoplasty), chins, lips, faces, and necks.

With such a celebrated reputation, Dr. Lipkin’s office is filled with patients seeking her talent.

One such client attests, “I think Pam’s kind of talent must be a curse and a blessing…she looks at things and she sees what you don’t see, and she suffers because she wants everything to be perfect.”

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