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Ear Surgery


With her training at the renowned Manhattan ENT Hospital, Dr. Lipkin has a specialized affinity for ear surgery, knowing how to improve the appearance without harming the vital functions of the ear.

She is also an expert on the integral anatomy of naturally attractive ears, insuring results that are more believable and which resemble those with which you should have been born.

Sun damage often affects the external appearance of the ears since skin cancer can lead to surgical trimmings of the ear lobes.  Rebuilding the lobes could restore their appearance, but a preliminary consultation would best determine if it would be a viable option.

In the words of one of her patients, “The guy who did liposuction on me used metal clamps on my face. Pam used very

fine sutures. She was also able to move most of the original incision behind my ear. On top of that, I hadn’t any earlobes and she made me earlobes…she gave me back more than a corrected area…she gave me back my peace of mind. I don’t know how to put a value on that.”

Additional ear surgery would repair such common problems as ears that are too prominent, too long, too projecting, etc…

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