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Face Lifts


Face lifts should be considered when visible signs of aging first appear. As Dr Lipkin explains, “Patients achieve better, longer-lasting results when they do procedures at the beginning of the aging process, while the skin still has considerable elasticity.” The reasoning is basic: the younger the skin, the better the results because when your skin is in prime shape, it bounces right back. In short, younger skin heals faster and there is a better end result.

Options for younger skin include:

  • Liposuction on a “pre-jowl” to mitigate one of the first signs of aging. If you have a young jowl, this procedure would most likely remove it completely without any need to go further
  • “De-puffing” puffy eyelids – the removal of excess eye area fat or skin
  • Facial Peels – to remove fine wrinkles

Dr. Lipkin points out, “You never have to physically go through looking middle-aged if you start early enough…” For the younger patient, there are many new alternatives to the traditional face lift that are much less invasive.

For patients that are older, Dr. Lipkin offers a variety of procedures that address not only the face, but other crucial areas as well. One such rejuvenating procedure would be Fat Grafting/Re-Placement, which is a method that removes fat from unwanted areas (thighs, stomach) and replaces it whereplumping is needed (cheeks, mouth area). There are a number of reasons why Fat Re-Placement is fast becoming one of the more popular face lift procedures:

  • Removal of fat from unwanted areas
  • Adds youthful plumping to face
  • Improves skin elasticity and quality
  • Certain portions of fat have been proven to contain large amounts of stem cells, valuable since some researchers believe that stem cells can reverse the aging process
  • Enhances results of face-lift surgeries

As with all cosmetic procedures, the finished result always depends upon the experience of the surgeon. In other words, the surgery must be performed both artfully and tastefully in order to be a true success.

As a skilled physician, Dr. Lipkin is concerned with the overall health and appearance of her patients, which is why she concentrates on nutrition, hair and nails, eyelashes and brows, hands, and other age-related factors as well as the more traditional issues.

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