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Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery “nose job”  (Rhinoplasty)


One of the most popular procedures (commonly known as a “nose job”) is also one of the easiest to botch, leading many patients to either seek revisions or shy away from cosmetic procedures in the future.  However, Dr. Lipkin advises that, “…fewer revisions would be needed if people knew how to choose a plastic surgeon.

The way the surfer roams the world in search of the perfect wave, candidates for rhinoplasty roam the Upper East Side of NYC, seeking the perfect nose, but they don’t do it intelligently.

Most plastic surgeons do not have the proper training to work inside the nose. If the septum is not corrected when it needs to be, and adjustments are made cosmetically to compensate for that, it just creates more of a deformity. When the underlying framework is not good, you wind up with a bad job.”

Dr. Lipkin continues, “Rhinoplasty is still the most common cosmetic procedure…In order to figure out if it is the right move for a client, it is necessary to look at the whole person. Somebody says his or her nose is too big, when maybe the real problem is that the chin is too small.

If the nose looks too big, the doctor has to think – why? You should not isolate an area, but rather must deal with the whole face: the eyes, which may be deep-set, close-set, or prominent; the cheekbones, which are shallow, high and elegant, or asymmetric.

A tall person may come in asking for a small nose, but it may not look natural. A small nose may look cute on a teenager, but a doctor has to imagine how that nose is going to look on a 40 year old person.

Good plastic surgery should be ageless. I study classically beautiful noses…on Hollywood celebrities, on 15th century DaVinci sketches, and so on. When I perform surgery, I achieve a look that is totally natural…the pitched pushed up nose. I sculpt noses that look as if no surgery took place.”

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